Naval Ravikant (CEO AngelList)

What We Did

This Beautiful Contemporary home was built as a Smart Home but, unfortunately the contractor that designed the system built a system that was not sized properly and wired properly. The software was also crippled by corrupted programing and fragmented coding.

CyberProtocols team began by looking at the system architecture and electrical load. We designed the new system by installing properly sized lighting dimmers. We move the different loads from each designated room that was going to be added to dimmers. After each room load was properly moved from Relays to Dimmers we proceeded to fix the config file. This allowed the home owner to enjoy a clutter free Smart Home App experience that was tailored for his needs and according to the correct hardware that was installed.

Lastly, we incorporated the intercom system into the Smart Home App furthermore enhancing his Smart Home in App experience and security by allowing the home owner know who was at the front door before opening the door.


Reduce unnecessary energy usage


Increased Security


Increased convenience

Custom software for Smart Home

Security & Beauty Combined